Welcome to my Cosmic Folk website. To hear my songs please click on the Music Tab at the left of this page.  I published some new songs last year and am excited to announce there are more new songs in various stages of recording and producing. They will be coming out over the course of 2023.  The first song for 2023 was "Dream Flyers".  The 2nd song this year was "Spirits Call" with "Distant Thunder" released 3rd.  "Somewhere to Go" was released June 1st. "Sleepers in the Garden" was released July 1st and "Who Knows Where" was released September 30th.

The first one released in 2022 was in July, "Bootheel Dreams". The one for August was "Western Kentucky Valley" and the one released in September was " Out on the Porch". "Rider on the Trail" was released October 1st. The new one for November was "Sixty Years". The song for December was "Walking in My Mind".   All the released ones are available at my Music Page. Just click on it in the sidebar on the left of this page.

The songs from 2021 are "Pilgrim of the Soul".,  "The Back of Your Mind" and  "Hardware Junkie".  These songs and my new album Onward and Upward are now available on my Music Page as well.

My song, " Grateful Heart" is now available for a free download to help each of us remind ourselves and others that we have a lot to be grateful for.

Proceeds from my music help support the The Onward and Upward Foundation https://onwardandupwardfoundation.org which helps assist people and programs who are already creating good in their communities.